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The Coronavirus pandemic has closed A LOT of doors, but it has also opened up a HUGE vault for online personal trainers and coaches. ​In this time of uncertainty… one thing rings TRUE… Online trainers and coaches are THRIVING now more than EVER before.
Because with nearly every gym close and social distancing making it impossible for any in-person business to exist. MILLIONS of people are actively (and desperately) looking for online ways to stay fit and healthy at home. 

Welcome to YOUR Golden ONLINE opportunity!

I know most of you are struggling right now… you are worried about what the post-COVID-19 world holds for your gym and coaching business .

Trust me, if you take action NOW, you can easily turn this “disaster” into your rare chance to have your pick of dream clients to work with – wherever you want! And with this “disaster-proof” masterclass, you’ll get everything you need to take your business online in under a week!

That’s because I’ve invited Sterling Griffin – one of THE top online fit pro business coaches of all time - to share the exact 3 business growth systems he used to transition his clients online – and go from being broke to raking in over $1,000,000 in under a year.  
Space is limited for this live event. 

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May 7, 2020 5PM EST

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Sterling Griffin and AJ Mihrzad
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What You’ll Discover On OUR MASTERCLASS:
When you join us on the live masterclass on May 7th at 5 EST, you’ll get the ins and outs of how to: 

⏩ Nurture and transition your in-person clients to online with minimal objections and while boosting your retention even with gyms closed

⏩ Avoid ​the #1 Mistake Fitpros Make When Transitioning to An Online Coaching Business 

⏩ Generate a consistent and vetted flow of leads who are ready to buy and pay you top dollar for your services 

⏩ The secret to building a proven sales funnel that has already helped 1,100+ fit and health pros scale their online business to multiple 7-figures

Gym owners, fitness & health pros be warned…

Sterling’s strategies are not just good but they’re PROVEN to work, as they have for 1,100+ trainers and coaches who have used what you’ll learn on April 30 to scale their online businesses from $0 to over $30,000 a MONTH!

So, if you’re…

✅ Committed to changing people’s lives and leaving behind a legacy 

✅ Ready to create financial freedom that you know you want and deserve

✅ Tired of feeling “stuck” using sales strategies that get you “just enough” income to get by

✅ Constantly stressed out about where your next lead will come from

✅ Finding yourself being forced to take on clients that are a “bad fit” just to book a deal

✅ Exhausted from working 50, 60 even up to 80 hours a week to keep your business generating revenue

✅ Looking for a proven way to get the freedom you want and work from anywhere in the world…

Then this Masterclass on Thursday, May 7th, 5pm EST is for you.

The Coronavirus pandemic has closed A LOT of doors, but it has also opened up a HUGE vault for online personal trainers and coaches. ​Don't miss out!
Sterling Griffin
Hey, my name is Sterling Griffin and I help fit pros & health pros, experts and service providers make their biggest impact on the world, while getting paid more and working from anywhere in the world. 

I’m an entrepreneur, fitness coach, body transformation coach, and the founder and CEO of LifeChanger Academy which has helped over 800 trainers and fit pros create a multi-six figure online training business.

I went from homeless to creating a 6-figure coaching business in my first 8 months using systems and processes I tested and developed on my own. Since I founded my fitness enterprise, I’ve dedicated most of my career teaching other health pros & fit pros how to transform their business and make an impact in the world.
I’ve been featured in Forbes, Influencive, Entrepreneur, Inc., and other publications to share my knowledge and expertise about building successful online businesses and living a high-performance lifestyle.

If you’ve ever struggled with marketing yourself, making more sales and creating the personal brand business of your dreams you have come to the right place.

You now have access to the exact systems I use for my own 7-figure businesses and with all of my clients. 

Join me and my team when you’re ready to build the business of your dreams.
Disclosures & Disclaimers
Results shared are from real students in my programs. Those who follow my system, work hard, and commit to the process tend to get the best results. However, results vary by individual and no claims made here guarantee you will be able to replicate results.

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